I want you to imagine a ten year old version of yourself sitting right there on this couch. Now this is the little girl who first believed that she was fat, and ugly, and an embarrassment.


Wait, can you hear me?


"Turns out, I’m a cat person."



im cryin

I cant believe I’m up this early its amazing

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PNAU bath time?


Boys are getting nakey~

This was lame… sorry

There was little room in the bathtub, but that didn’t stop Jack from climbing in right behind Hiccup. They had been working on an art project together that needed charcoal for it. Jack got playful and an hour later they were covered in black and gray. So they decided to wash up and Jack voted they take a bath together. 

"It’s too cramped in here and the water is already gross," Hiccup complained. Jack’s legs were on either side of him and he leaned back against his boyfriend, vision blurry without his glasses. "I told you we should have gone one at a time." 

Jack poured warm water down his boyfriends back, kissing his shoulders seeing as they weren’t covered in charcoal. “But then I wouldn’t be able to do this.” He continued to rinse him off and get most of the smudges off his freckled skin. “You’re secretly enjoying it anyways.” 

Hiccup hummed and pressed his back closer to Jack. He enjoyed the feeling of Jack’s hands running along his skin and the warmth of the water. He was surprised he didn’t fall asleep by the time Jack had almost completely cleaned him. The water was a murky gray and he made a face, knowing they weren’t anymore clean then when they started. “We should really shower after this,” he said, cupping some water in his hands. 

"We will," Jack said softly, wrapping his arms around the smaller teen, "but for now let’s just relax." Hiccup obliged and leaned his head back, smiling happily when Jack kissed him. 

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Your drab bled are adorable. I'm going ask for a Drabble maybe? Cause they're cute. I'm hiccup in a night fury hoodie and Jack in a Pokemon hoodie cuddling watching a movie.


This is going to be lame and i’m ssooorrryyy.

"I’ve already seen this movie, like, five times." Hiccup snuggled closer to Jack, grabbed his arm and using it as a pillow. "You always cry at the end when the dog di-"

"Shh, let’s just enjoy it." Jack kissed his boyfriend’s cheek. Hiccup pouted and pulled the hood of his sweatshirt up, dragon ears flopping around. They had gone shopping together and got semi-matching sweaters. Hiccup had desperately wanted a Nightfury one and Jack got a Pikachu one, though they promised to trade every now and then.

Hiccup fiddled with the zipper of his sweater. “You know, I’m still cold, even with this on.” He blinked at Jack expectantly. 

The other teen new exactly what to do and pulled him into his lap, kissing his nose. “Better?” 

Smiling, he nodded and nestled closer. “Better.” 

And Jack kept on “cheating”

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Hiccup desperately wants to ask Jack out, but gets too nervous and disappointed in himself. Of course then it turns out Jack asks him out anyways and they're both dorks.


Send me prompts and I’ll write a short Hijack drabble for you!
MMhmm we’ll see where this goes then.

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If your still doing the Hijack drabbles can you do a collage roommate au?


Yes! Thank you!

After sifting through piles of dirty clothes and homework that hadn’t been touched since the beginning of the semester, Hiccup finally found his text book. He grumbled to himself as he brushed the crumbs off the pages and fixed the dog eared corners. “That’s the last time I let Jack borrow my book,” he grumbled going to sit on his bed. “He can’t take care of anything.” 

The door burst open and Hiccup swore, cursing fate as his roommate sauntered in with a groceries bag in hand and a slushie in the other. “Hey Hic,” he sang. His lips were stained red. He dropped the bag on his desk and went to sit next to Hiccup without even bothering to take his coat or shoes off. “I got some ramen and more soda like you said.” He took a sip of his drink and pointed to the book the smaller male was protecting. “Oh hey you found it.” 

"Yeah, you need to take better care of my things," Hiccup scolded. "Especially your things too, you’ll never get anything done in this mess." He spread his hand over a page, loving the smooth feeling. Jack’s freezing hand cupped his. "Jack?"

His face was closer, nose pressing into his freckled cheek. “There’s just one thing I want to do right now,” he whispered. Hiccup felt his body heat up and he tried to turn away but Jack snatched him up with a cherry kiss. “I bought a new pack of condoms while I was out too,” he said against his lips, “so can we?” 

Hiccup blinked, trying to refocus himself. “But I need to study for my sociology class,” he mumbled. Despite what he was saying, Jack had pushed him back on the bed, drink forgotten on the desk next to it. The text book slipped off and dropped to the floor. Hiccup cupped Jack’s face between his hands, watching him wriggle out of his coat. “You’re so cold.” 

Jack smirked and took his lips in another kiss. Pulling away, he brushed a thumb over his freckles. “Then warm me up.”